By Jennifer Perloff

Bakery Lorraine on GraysonA great bakery, like a great restaurant, can make a neighborhood. Many San Antonio neighborhoods rely on the completely respectable baking efforts of our beloved HEB stores. Those of us near Alamo Heights or Terrell Hills enjoy Central Market's exceptional goods.  Around town, one can also find great cupcake bakeries, bundt cake bakeries and even a few traditional American cake bakeries. (Shout out to Le Cake on Rittiman Road.) However, a true French bakery in any San Antonio neighborhood is a treasure. For those who miss the authentic French baked goods of Bistro Bakery in Olmos Park, Bakery Lorraine is a welcome addition to midtown San Antonio.

Bakery Lorraine at The QuarryBakery Lorraine's Jeremy Mandrell and Anne Ng first met while baking at Thomas Keller's famous Bouchon Bakery in Yountville, California in the Napa valley. Jeremy and Anne worked for several years in the San Francisco Bay area before settling in San Antonio where they opened Bakery Lorraine in 2011.

San Antonio first enjoyed Jeremy and Anne's delicious pastries at the Quarry Farmer's market on Sunday mornings. In September 2012, they opened a permanent space in a quaint cottage on Grayson Street across the way from the Pearl Brewery development. Bakery Lorraine still operates a booth at the Quarry Farmer's Market and also is the source of baked goods for Local Coffee (another local favorite with locations on Broadway in Alamo Heights and up north on Sonterra Blvd.) 

Barkery Lorraine MacaroonsThere is so much to love about Bakery Lorraine. There are perfect (if not pricey) croissants, excellent orange cardamom morning buns, tarts both sweet and savory, and of course macaroons. If you didn't know you were in San Antonio, you would swear these are straight from Paris. Actually, with flavors like margarita, we know we are in San Antonio! They are perfection in every flavor.

Bakery Lorraine PasteriesFor Mother's Day 2013, my dear husband picked up an assortment of croissants, sticky buns, morning buns, and two savory quiches.  It was the best and easiest Mother's Day brunch yet.  For me, the true test of an authentic French bakery is its almond croissant. Even in Paris, I have a hard time finding a respectable specimen.  I am confident that Bakery Lorraine can deliver.  In fact, I'm so convinced, that I'm thinking of serving BL's macaroons at my next Open House!

Visit Bakery Lorraine at 511 E. Grayson Street. To learn more about San Antonio Neighborhoods, visit RealLuxury San Antonio.